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We would prefer to have customers tell us what there is a demand for – than to try to do everything. Based on customer requirements, we are considering:

Tongue and groove and shiplap for siding and flooring.

We can do shingles and lap siding.

Live edge, wavy edge siding

One or two live edges

We can cut cookies from logs from 5 inches up to about 34 inches in diamater

We can get lathe attachments to make perfectly round posts and columns.

We can saw up to 13” diameter logs into 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8-sided piece, to produce round, triangle, square, hexagon, octagon, and other specialty shaped logs.

If you want pine – we’ll saw pine into thickness and length you need. Note we are not sure of regulations requiring certified, stamped lumber used in construction. If you want to use sawmill lumber in construction – you should check first. We are not certified for making load bearing, dimensional house construction lumber nor do we understand what is required.

If you are a woodworker, craftsman, artist, furniture maker, carpenter, cabinet maker, general building contractor, or craft maker – let’s get together and talk about how we can help each other.

If you make smaller crafts that use wood – we have plenty of waste wood that you can probably use. I’d love to find ways to work with the local artists and crafts people.